Suggested Usage

Polysulfide adhesives, polysulfide caulking, uncured or cured

Silicone adhesives, caulking (uncured or cured), silicone based gaskets, waterproofing, lubricants and protective coatings

Polyurethane adhesives, Polyurethane caulking such as; 3M’s® 5200 Marine adhesive sealant®, Sikaflex ® 292, 255, 241, uncured or cured

Contact Adhesives Pionite®, P-98-T Contact Adhesive, 3M’s® Super77® and most other adhesives and caulking

Glue residue from most types of adhesive, tapes, labels, sticker, pin striping and decals from equipment to books and binders

Safely removes silicone, polyurethane and adhesives from skin, tools and equipment

Removes tape, double face tape and carpet adhesives from floors

Safely removes silicone, polyurethane, adhesives and chewing gum from carpets, upholstery or clothing

Removes graffiti (spray type, enamel paint) from most concrete, brick and metal surfaces

Removes cleanly and completely all silicone residue from glass and Plexiglas cured or uncured

Removes the paper or plastic protective coating from Lexan® sheets

Automotive: For removal of silicone caulking, polyurethane adhesives, polyurethane caulking, contact adhesives, silicone type gaskets, tar, undercoating, intersection paint/ highway paint, grease, inspection stickers from windshields, tree sap, decals, stickers, pin striping, glue, adhesives, silicone sealants/automotive wax (if bodywork must be done), gum (inside or out)



Safe on the following surfaces

Metals, glass, reflective glass, mirrors

Wood furniture, floors, cabinets
Fiberglass, gel coat

Plexiglas, polycarbonates, most plastics

Most carpets, vinyl flooring, fabrics, vinyl  and upholstery

Varnished, urethaned or painted surfaces

Stone surfaces, cultured marble, tiles

Formica, Corian®, ceramics, enamel and porcelain surfaces, brick


DSR-5™ is a safe substitute for products such as acetone and methyl ethyl keytone both of which are known to be extremely flammable, toxic and hazardous to the environment.    

DSR-5™ is much more effective than either acetone and methyl ethyl keytone for removal of silicone.