Ad Slick/ Logo Graphics

Downloading Instructions

Windows users:
Right click on the resolution link and select "save target as".

Mac users:
Click the resolution you want to download, hold down, then select "download link to disk".

Larger images are best downloaded via a high-speed internet connection. Please be patient if you use a dial-up connection. If you encounter downloading problems, email


.6" x .2"
TIFF image; 300k file

300 ppi Resolution


2.2" x 3"
TIFF image; 580k file

300 ppi Resolution

1.1" x 1.5"
TIFF image; 145k file

300 ppi Resolution


Photo 01
2.5" x 1.7"
TIFF image; 374k file

300 ppi Resolution




Usage Guide

The above logos and graphic images are solely owned by Easy Life Solutions, Inc. and available for the purpose of promoting DSR-5 in marketing communication applications, including advertising, public relations, selling materials, point-of-sale materials, and the like.

These graphics are available to authorized marketers of DSR-5 and to members of the the media for use in articles and reviews.

Electronic files: Images exist as Adobe® Photoshop raster art and are supplied in various sizes for various applications.

The logo should be reproduced in black or the darkest Pantone® color available in the reproduced document and should appear on a white or light-colored field. If the logo is to be placed on a black or dark-colored field, it must always have a white background knocked out behind it.

Avoid positioning other type and graphics too close to the logo. Keep other elements at least 1/4"
from all sides of this imaginary frame.

Do NOT alter the proportional relationship without prior approval.