"It took a lot of searching to find a product that removes silicone from reflective glass without damaging the glass. DSR-5 is that product.

Here in Florida we have problems cleanly removing the protective coating on sheets of Lexan. At times it almost bakes on. Not wanting to throw away an expensive piece of material, we tried pealing the coating off but it came off in such small pieces that it was a toss up between the cost of the product and the labor cost to remove the coating. With DSR-5™ the job was done quickly and simply. We no longer worry about stuck protective coatings on Lexan or Plexiglas.

Summed up, DSR-5™ saves my company more money that what I pay for it!  That’s hard to beat."

Ed Mogford
Heritage Shower Door, Inc.

Venice, Florida


“Having been stung so many times in the past utilizing a product that did not do what it was purported and advertised to do, I find it a refreshing pleasure to have found DSR 5. I can state unequivocally that DSR 5 will work in releasing the bond from 3M 5200 caulk.

I might add that…I found no adverse effects to surrounding fiberglass, teak, Formica, or varnished surfaces. In addition, it is useful in removing the sticky and gummy residue from masking tape that has been left on too long.”

R. Stewart

We wanted to let you know that we at American Sealants, Inc. are very impressed with the performance of DSR-5 Silicone Remover and Cleaner. We are currently using the product to clean areas of our machinery that are very difficult to keep clean. The DSR-5 allows for a short down-time when cleaning up between runs.

Brian Harruff
American Sealants, Inc.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

We have been marketing DSR-5 for over five years. Each year has added new customers and increased sales. We are in the commercial construction business and market to all types of contractors. They use it to remove silicone and urethane sealants, tapes, adhesives, labels, etc. The product is safe and effective. I would highly recommend DSR-5 to anyone in the construction industry. Once the customers use it they use it again and again. 

Alan George, President
Conspec Materials, Tampa, FL

I am writing this letter to thank you for the sample of DSR-5. I immediately put it to use to remove graffiti blocker from the sign in front of our building. It saved our company the expense of purchasing a new sign and I recommend DSR-5 to everyone I see.

Timothy Corrigan, Paint Manager
Knoblock Ace Hardware
Flint, MI